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The best thing we can do as foreigners on the mission field is to partner with those who are there day in and day out, giving their best to make a difference in the lives of the impoverished.  


This happens with our partners, Luis and Paola Hurtado, in Nueva Esperanza.  As they serve their community, we can empower them by sharing our resources and attention with the children of their small mountain community.  

What makes the alliance between Identify and Nueva Esperanza so special? Let's use a simple equation to explain......


MY Child Sponsorship with Nueva Esperanza


       + MY Mission Experience with IDENTIFY                   




With this strategic approach, Identify works with the Hurtados to offer educational sponsorships for impoverished children they serve and teach each year.


It is a unique and very valuable meshing of the 2 organizations.  Your monthly contribution, letters, and prayers are just the stateside part of your relationship with Nueva Esperanza.  When you add a Mission Experience with Identify, you will meet your child and cheer them on in a whole new way!  As Nueva Esperanza sponsors AND Identify Team Members, you are able to meet your child's teachers, family members, pastors, and friends and spend many days pouring into their lives. For example, a VBS Mission Experience allows you to become one of his or her Bible teachers.  A MEDICAL Mission Experience gives you the opportunity to work hands-on with any physical issues that might hold your child back.  An EDUCATION Mission Experience opens the door for you to coach your child in soccer or whatever your favorite sport might be. More than anything, a Mission Experience in your child's community brings powerful perspective to your sponsorship.  For both of you, your bond and relationship will be richer and deeper because of it.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child (or several) in Nueva Esperanza, please follow the link by choosing the button to the left.  Each child you see is living in the community and attending school with the Hurtados in 2018.  Children and availability may change day-to-day depending on life circumstances or sponsor commitment.  

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