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Celebrating the story in every life

What is an Identify Advocate?

An Advocate is a person who is instrumental in encouraging global awareness around him/her.  More so, an Identify Advocate is living out a new desire for others to be seen and celebrated based on their own personal growth through a Mission Experience. As we come to realize that each of us has a life created for significance, value, and purpose, it becomes important for us to find ways to share not only our stories, but also theirs.  In a special way, we are promoting opportunities for these new stories to unfold and more people to find a sense of worth in their own lives.  


What does an Advocate do?

  • Mission Storytelling

  • Mission Team Support

  • Project/Awareness/Event Support

  • Encourage New Involvement

  • Have fun with others like you!

What are the benefits of Advocacy?

  • Resume/Reference/Recommendations from Identify

  • Hands-on learning and leading

  • Advisor guidance and mentoring

  • Team bonding and fun

  • An Advocate T-Shirt and welcome gift!

How do I sign up? 

After you have participated in an Identify Mission Experience, you may apply for a role as an Identify Advocate.  To get started, please respond with your answers to the following questions in the message box below.

  1. I am passionate about missions because ...

  2. I would be a great Advocate because ... 

Your details were sent successfully! An Identify Staff Member will be in touch with you soon.

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