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At Identify, we specialize in 4 main areas of mission service to developing countries - Education, Medical, Spiritual, and Wellbeing.


Through much research and experience, we believe that these methods provide Identify the greatest opportunity to influence individual growth and community advancement. Over time, with teams and partners focused in these areas, we have seen real and lasting change in vulnerable areas.  It is not over yet.  But we are getting closer.  


Identify provides opportunities for those with a specific skill or passion to encourage vulnerable communities through training, development, and interaction. Together, we are able to nurture change where it is most likely to take root - in the classroom and in the heart!  

For those living out the Christian faith, nothing is more important than sharing the Gospel with others, through word and action.  With hearts toward spiritual growth, we lead individuals, families, and groups in providing the message of undying love for all peoples, for all nations.    

Our healthcare teams serve with a focus on mind, body, and spirit.  By partnering with local doctors and caregivers in the field, we are able to treat both acute and chronic health conditions.  Where pain and anguish consume, our teams offer hope, relief, and a tender touch. 

Here we meet some of the most basic needs of individuals and families who are without.  By sharing simple resources and time, quality of life is quickly impoved and doors are opened to future development.  Together, we can bring dignity and value to every person across the globe!

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