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identify the mission - WELLBEING

Here we meet some of the most basic needs of individuals and families who are without.  By sharing simple resources and time, quality of life is quickly impoved and doors are opened to future development.  Together, we can bring dignity and value to every person across the globe!


  • Stove Installations

  • Feeding/Nutrition Programs

  • Building/Repair

  • Sanitation

  • Clean Water

  • Supply Distribution

  • Others Designed by Need

Labor of Love

We know that people want to be hands-on, want to get dirty, want to see results sooner rather than later.  That makes Wellbeing mission service a perfect fit for Identify teams and the impoverished of the world.  With a little morning caffeine and elbow grease, nothing is impossible!  

New schools are built, homes are constructed, kitchens are transformed.  These changes then lead to greater things than we could ever imagine.  Now, children have a place to go after school, parents have a home they can be proud of, villages feed families nutritious meals.  Literally, we put our blood, sweat, and tears into our projects.  It is well worth it!


It is so easy to forget.  What we have is not what everyone else has.  Around the world, families go hungry, children go without education in order to boost a parent's income, men become alcoholics due to the overwhelming despair of not being able to provide for their families.  


Every person deserves the basic necessities of life - water, food, sanitation, housing. We say this is our easiest way to make a difference. Simple gifts of money, time, or materials can instantly change the trajectory of a life.  Why wouldn't we give what we can or even more?  


In a unique way, Wellbeing efforts give us a way in.  Into the community, the home, the heart.  And once we have this new connection, we are able to do big things!


Through stove installations, building, or growing gardens, we prove we care.  It is a way to say "we see you" and "you are valuable."  Often, the initial installations we take part in last only a few hours or days, but the relationships that extend beyond it are long standing and perhaps the most important part of our work. 

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