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Identify is seeking agents, brokers, builders, architects, and other home industry specialists to be part of our mission family.

Our mission home is important to us and we are inviting others to be part of our creative solution in funding our house that allows us to do so much meaningful work in Guatemala.

The goal ... To connect with openhearted people or businesses who will sponsor our mission home for $1000. When this happens, we can cover our rent, utilities, and maintenance for an entire month. And with those necessities taken care of, we are able to continue to focus on housing and caring for our missionaries from all over the world, providing Guatemalans with a safe place to recharge, and enabling community leaders and learners to join us for workshops and trainings!

12 givers x 1 month of sponsorship =

365 days of incredible mission potential every year!

Identify is a non-profit organization where donations are tax-deductible. Home supporters are publicly thanked and offered a week of stay in our mission home to experience the joy, unity, and love that is so easily found within these walls and in the mission field!

Would you be a unique part of our Home Sweet Home story this year?


Our mission home cost $1000 a month.  This includes our monthly house payment, water, electricity, internet, & phone.


Special Thanks to our Sponsors!

2022 & 2023 Mission Home Sponsors


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2021 Mission Home Sponsors

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2020 Mission Home Sponsors

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