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identify the mission - MEDICAL

identify the mission - EDUCATION

identify the mission - MEDICAL

Our medical teams serve with a focus on mind, body, and spirit.  By partnering with local doctors and caregivers in the field, we are able to treat both acute and chronic health conditions.  Where pain and anguish consume, our teams offer hope, relief, and a tender touch. 


  • General Medicine

  • Medical Education

  • Dental Clinics

  • Hygiene & Lice Clinics

  • Pediatrics


  • Eye Care

  • Orthopedics

  • Physical, Rehab, & Speech Therapy

  • Women's Health

  • Others Designed by Need



The key to good health is good habit.  Identify medical teams serve using a holistic approach, treating not only the body, but also mind and emotions.  With this focus, one of the key things we can do in impoverished communities is to equip individuals by educating them.  


We work to provide materials and tools that will allow children and families to take better care of themselves in the hopes that future health issues can be avoided. Clinics providing hygiene education, parenting classes, and lice clinics are just a few of these simple, yet incredibly effective mission avenues. 



In the areas we work, it is not hard to see that medical attention, supplies, and equipment are often painfully scarce.  Those needing medical treatment, major and minor, often have no other options than to travel for days to be seen by the nearest physician. The results of the long journey are sometimes celebrated, but other times, result in heartache due to lack of resources or treatment options.


Our teams support the work of local doctors on the ground through medical clinics specializing in: General Medicine, Medical Education, Dental, Hygiene & Lice Clinics, Eye Care, Orthopedics, Rehab, Women's Health, and much more.  Medical teams who are willing to give just a few days of specialized skills, may just change a life (or many) forever!



One of the greatest things about being a medical care giver is the ability to interact not only personally, but also intimately with the patient.  Often, these moments result in the most beautiful moments of compassion, grace, and mercy. 


Because we serve with Jesus in mind, our teams offer treatment without judgement. We focus on a tender heart and a tender touch.  Where pain consumes, we offer comfort. Where circumstances beat down, we offer encouragement.  Where the physical body is failing, we offer of hope.  

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