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Our outreach efforts are in full swing all year long and we are always excited to connect with people who want to join us in our efforts!  Even if you aren't traveling with us, there are still very meaningful ways to be involved. Check out our current projects below.  If you can contribute in some way, large or small, we would be so grateful.  Please fill out our contact form below if you want to learn more about a specific project. 

Medical & Allied Health Outreach Project

*Equipment & Supplies Needed

Project Goal/s: To convert a small clinic into a mini-hospital in Livingston, Guatemala. 

Deadlines: May 1st & October 1st, 2024

Needs: Medical supplies, equipment, and funding

Donations: Supplies & equipment can be coordinated with Identify mission team members.  Monetary donations can be made at - Medical Missions Most Needed

Please click on our flyers below to learn more about these important needs.

Updated Mini-Hospital Livingston Project Flyer (2).png
Medical Equipment on Mission.png
Medical Equipment Needs.png

Medical & Allied Health Outreach Project

*Hospital Sheet Drive

Project Goal/s: To collect hospital bed and stretcher sheets for Hospital Roosevelt in Guatemala City

Deadlines: May 15th, 2024

Needs: Sheets, either sewn or purchased


If you love to sew, please provide sheets in these sizes. Any colors or patterns are welcome.

     - 69 x 24.5 inches (with mitered or elastic edges)

     - 92.5 x 70.5 inches (flat sheets)

If you love to shop, please use the following links. 

     - hospital beds

     - hospital stretchers 

Still looking for outreach ideas?  What about a SUPPLY DRIVE?

We have ongoing needs in our Guatemalan communities for items like children's vitamins, first aid supplies, socks, school supplies, undergarments, games, books, sports equipment, pillow cases, toothbrushes, and more.  Host a supply drive during your birthday, favorite holiday, or anytime of the year!   

YES!  We would

love to one of these mission projects this year.  Please contact me with more about the project and specific needs.

Thanks for your message. We will respond shortly.

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