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As a non-profit, 501c3 mission organization, we are dependent on the generous donations of organizations and individuals like you.  We strive to keep open records and be great stewards of all monetary support. When you give, your money is used to build into the lives of not only the impoverished in foreign countries, but also Americans here who are committing to a new time of personal growth through a mission experience.  Your generosity is always powerful and always appreciated.  

Identify Inc. began in the hearts of its founders long before we ever knew it existed.  As God grew a passion for the impoverished of the world inside each of us, He also provided time and opportunity to learn, be educated, and gain much experience in the subject of foreign missions.  The more we grew, the more we knew God was calling us to the special work of being missionaries.  Through much prayer and stillness, we listened as God shared His vision and wisdom for His loved ones around the world and revealed how we could have a part in that mission. Today, we have taken the leap of faith.  We live each day working hard, charting our course, sharing our story, giving all we can, and above all trusting that God will provide everything that we need for this journey.  



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