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Identify is in constant movement toward God, His will, and His blessings for both our organization and the people we are developing.  Our Do For One partnerships are a huge piece of that ongoing vision and dream to grow as a non-profit mission organization and to encourage as many people as we can, both here and there. 

The concept of Do For One comes from Andy Stanley.  It is a call to DO FOR ONE WHAT YOU WISH YOU COULD DO FOR EVERYONE.  Stanley encourages each of us to keep our hands and hearts open to all giving opportunities, but to find one that we can engage with on a deeper level.  What if, instead of giving 1 hour or $100 to 10 organizations, instead we gave 10 hours or $1000 to 1 organization?  Yes, our efforts would be valuable either way.  However, we find that often, those partners that are willing to choose one and encourage one make a greater difference.  

That is our hope.  That you will make us Your One.  

As someone who knows our hearts, has seen our work in action, and believes in our mission, we would like to ask our Identify Family and potential partners to join us in taking Identify into our next levels of outreach in 2018 and 2019.  With varying levels of involvement, we can reach the goals for our organization, our partners, and those we serve.  Please consider participating in one of the following ways:

  • Contribute $100 (or more) recurring each month

  • Contribute a $30,000 lump sum each year, for 2 years

  • Host a Small Group Dinner at your home for 6-10 of your friends who understand what it truly means to be Kingdom minded on earth

These gifts and commitments will help us accomplish many pieces of the vision, including several in 2018:

  • Meet ongoing and emergency foreign benevolence needs

  • Support all mission projects

  • Implement a new and much needed database and communication platform

  • Implement new foreign mission programs including 2nd community sponsorships and leadership entrepreneurial matching

  • Continue our sponsorships of community feeding programs

  • Offer our Team Leader Development workshops more often

  • Provide important materials for Team Member development

  • Develop Host Partner leadership and ministry workshops

  • Research, interview, and hire new in-field Host Partner leaders

  • Secure salary package for Identify staff

  • Invest in a savings account for property purchase in Guatemala

Of course, these are just a few of the exciting mission efforts that will shape our next steps!

If you would like to make us Your One for the next 2 years, it would be an answered prayer.  We believe that God is and will move hearts to help Identify move from a small non-profit to the next levels of mission development and encouragement.  We are excited about where we have been and what is to come!

If you are not familiar with the concept of DOING FOR ONE WHAT YOU WISH YOU COULD DO FOR EVERYONE you will enjoy watching Andy Stanley's message that has inspired us in our efforts and in our next steps vision.  Check it out at https://youtu.be/Xs8LZnOahFM .


Thank you for being our IDENTIFY FAMILY!

We would not possible without YOU!