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Gifting Stocks to Charity: A Smart Way to Give Back!


Are you looking for a meaningful way to make a difference in the world while maximizing your impact and tax benefits? Consider gifting stocks to support Identify's mission! It's a win-win solution that benefits both you and those we serve. Here's why gifting stocks is a smart choice:


Unlock Tax Advantages:
When you donate appreciated stocks to a charitable organization like Identify, you may be eligible for valuable tax benefits. By giving away stocks that have grown in value, you can potentially avoid paying capital gains tax. This means you can redirect more of your wealth towards our shared goals and reduce your tax liability at the same time.


Make a Bigger Impact:
By gifting stocks, you can contribute more to your favorite cause. Identify will receive the full market value of the stocks you donate, which can be significantly higher than if you were to sell the stocks, pay capital gains taxes, and then donate the proceeds. Your contribution goes further in helping to support important initiatives and make a lasting impact.


Streamlined Process:
Donating stocks is easier than you might think. When you are ready, we are too!  All you have to do is contact us below and we will direct you in a simple and quick transfer process. 

Legal Compliance:
Our financial broker works with you to ensure that your contribution complies with tax regulations and charitable giving laws. This means you can be confident that your donation will be put to good use and that you're making a responsible, legal contribution.

Give wisely today using this advanced method of supporting our mission!  It is a strategic, tax-efficient, and impactful way to support Identify and our important outreach efforts while also securing financial benefits for yourself. Start making a difference today through the power of stock donations!

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