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a great Team always has a great Leader

It has been said that leadership is not about you, it's about them.  This rings true with us.  Passionate and effective Team Leaders are a vital part of the mission work of Identify and truly influence the amount of long-term change we see, in both our Team Members and the developing communities where we work.


In order to make the most of our efforts for the world, Identify has designed a Team Leader Development and Certification Program.  This 4 session course provides training and guidance for those interested in a deeper role in the mission field, whether they serve with Identify or another organization.  


Why a Mission Team Leader?

Global mission outreach is a powerful opportunity and tool for those who have experienced its effects on the impoverished foreign community. Once witnessed in such a way, many often find themselves with the desire to serve the global world in a greater way. However, the average individual is typically limited in realistic and doable options due to time, career, family, and resource constraints. 


The Team Leader role provides those with a passion for mission service with a reasonable, yet powerful approach.  Leading a Team gives one the ability to stay involved past the Mission Experience, to continue growing as a giver and a leader, and allows a consistent role in the fight against poverty, as desired.


Who should enroll? 

  • Identify Team Members desiring a deeper role in global missions, without ability to make a complete life-change

  • Outside Organization/Group members desiring to learn most effective practices for Short-Term Mission leadership


What does the course look like?

4 sessions designed to examine the Mission Receiver, Team Leader, Team Member, and Mission Administration.  Each session is designed with dynamic lessons, discussion, activity, and opportunity for growth.  Those enrolled in the course will finish with a Certification Test which allows opportunity for Identify Team Leadership or enhanced leadership in other organizations.  The course length is approximately 5 hours each session, 20 hours for the entire course. 


What are the benefits of Identify's Team Leader Development Program?

  • Greater level of Short-Term Mission understanding for the individual and organization

  • Flexible schedule and open doors for mission service as desired

  • Increase in mission impact and lasting results for organizations using Certified Leaders

  • Resume enhancer 

  • Skills acquired can be used in all areas of life and professions, not just in the mission field

  • Lower cost Mission Experiences with Identify


When is the next course available? 

  • coming soon

How do I sign up? 

  • TLD Event Registration - MORE INFO TO COME

  • Need more information, please use the form below to contact us


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