A $35 commitment per month gives 1 child an opportunity to attend school  for the 2018 year and allows that child to grow on many levels. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a child (or several) in Nueva Esperanza, please choose a student from the school yearbook below.  

Each child you see is living in the community and attending school with the Hurtados in 2018. 

Children and availability may change day-to-day depending on life circumstances or sponsor commitment.  

Cristel Alonzo
Carol Trujillo
Orlando Iboy
Steven Pelen
Maria Abrego
Selvin Cruz
Frank Rodriguez
Damian Dominguez
Kevin Aba
Angel Garcia
Alexander Cruz
Belen Ramirez
Carlos Lopez
Kimberly Trujillo
Jordan Cruz
Iker Cruz
Ginder Trujillo
Fatima Hernandez
Danilo Veliz
Alejandra Hernandez
Danilo Mazate
Christian Iboy
Yanifer Soto
Yaneli Hernandez
Yamilete Jolon
Marvin Medina
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When you are ready to sponsor, please click on the button below. 


You will be linked to a school directory, where you will then make a donation to the available child of your choice. 

*Please make sure the child is available for sponsorship above before selecting in the directory.* 

You may either set up recurring monthly payments of $35 a month or pay an entire year's sponsorship of $420.  

Once payment is initiated, you will receive instructions on how to build a

personal and meaningful relationship with your sponsored child and his/her community.  

**If you are reading this on your mobile device, we ask you to view and select children using your desktop instead**

Nueva Esperanza - The Community

Or New Hope in English, is a small village located 30km away from the city, in the town of Villa Canales. Its population is around 400 persons, divided into 70 families. Most of the families range between 4-8 members, their average monthly income per family is Q2000-Q3000 ($250-$350) The common problems are lack of access to quality education, health services, and a proper nutrition. Also inside the families, problems like alcoholism, scholar desertion, sexual abuse and emotional pathologies (anxiety – depression) occur often.


One of the biggest risks for children is the lack of pedestrian area on the way to the school. The road is very tight, and people need to be very careful in order to walk from one place to another.  They have access to water 3 times per week, houses are built with corrugated iron (walls and roof) and some others have block walls.  The community needs education, medical check ups, house reparations, bible teachings, and employment opportunities.


Luis and Paola Hurtado - Community Leaders

The Hurtados have been working in the Nueva Esperanza community since 2015.  Luis and Paola are married, have a deep passion for God, and both are psychologist. With 8 years of experience working with children in various orphanages throughout Guatemala, treating cases with profiles of disatach disorder, survivors from sexual abuse and different kinds of trauma, they received a call to start an educational center in the community. They believe in the new generations and in the power of God to transform families and villages working through the children.  Together, they pour into this community, as well as several orphanages, a therapeutic center, and an outreach agency called Possibless.  

Nueva Esperanza - The School

Although small, the pre-scholar center, where 30 kids attend is filled with laughter, light, and love! The mission of the project is to bring education, healing, and salvation to the kids and families involved. The school is meant to be a holistic program, offering education, psychological attention, two meals each day, Bible teachings, and a stable, comfortable, and loving environment.  All services provided for the students are free.

The mission project is focused on encouraging the family unit, professional early stimulation for the kids, and bringing hope to the families through the gospel. With your donation you not only provide education for the child, but in turn you allow Luis and Paola to continue with this project, employee teachers, provide programs and resources, and to work toward the opening of an elementary school for the children growing past 7 years of age.  

Want to see the school in action and learn more? 

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