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Identify Summer Global Internship

Non-Profit Mission Learning & Experience

2, 4, or 6 week opportunities - June/July 2021


The Identify Global Intern Experience is a 2, 4, or 6 week non-profit mission training and work program in which interns have the opportunity to serve on the mission field in Guatemala with our staff and teams.  Interns work together in a group environment, pairs, and individually under Identify leaders and mentors. Each intern is personally developed and will gain professional experience in a non-profit, global setting.  This is an unpaid internship, yet offers benefits in many other ways.

We believe this program is a win-win for all involved.  Through it, we hope to help those with big dreams of influencing the world understand what gives structure and substance to the fires and passions in our hearts.  With training and small, hands-on projects, our interns will learn much in a short period of time.  Each intern is able to experience our communities face-to-face and will quickly fall in love with the unique areas of Guatemala.  In addition, Identify will benefit from the energy, skills, and talents as our interns help our organization move forward and do good.

Professional Experience

Interns will prepare through a 10 hour Zoom training spread out over two months prior to travel and will be involved in some mission team meetings, as well as staff projects. After arriving in Guatemala, intern duties will include team and project assistance, management of calendar, coordination of supplies, transition of teams, office administration, as well as some cooking, cleaning, general household care, and grocery shopping.  Identify experts and mentors will guide our interns through assignments and be there to celebrate wins along the way!  Interns do not need to have experience or education in mission outreach or administration, but must show a deep commitment to learning, a strong desire to take initiative, and a mature ability to accept responsibility with joy, professionalism, and follow-through.

Personal Development

Along with professional guidance, we believe that the personal development of each intern is essential to his or her growth while working with Identify. Interns will receive assistance in designating personal and professional goals, keeping accountability measures in place, spending time in mentorship, and celebrating efforts as a team!  No doubt, being in a foreign country during this internship will also provide incredible opportunities to see the world from a new perspective and engage in the depth and beauty of other cultures in a powerful way.  We believe that you will not only learn more about the non-profit mission world, but will also learn many things about yourself during this experience.


Interns will choose from one of the following programs: 

  • 2 weeks - June or July

  • 4 weeks - June, July, or June/July

  • 6 weeks - June and July


Interns will be housed with Identify staff in Guatemala City, Guatemala and serve in communities throughout the country. 

   *No experience required, but must have an interest in learning about non-profit mission work and development

   *Must be 17 years or older

   *Spanish is not necessary, but is an advantage

   *Able to provide a valid passport with no travel restrictions

   *Able to provide a round trip airline ticket to Guatemala City

   *Able to prove current health insurance coverage

   *Accommodations, food, and in-country transportation provided by Identify (any food and activities during personal time off are      not covered by Identify)



Please use the following form to apply for one of our positions.  We are seeking strong candidates with great potential for these internships.  Online interviews will follow applications.  Accepting applications through April 1, 2021.   


Intern Application


Which internship program are you interested in? Check all that apply.
Resume if Available

Thanks for your application! We will contact you by email or phone in the next few days to discuss your application further.

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