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Excited to become a Mission Team Member with Identify,

but unsure about how you can become fully funded?  

Identify provides you with several tips and resources as you move toward funding your Mission Experience.  One of many options available is to obtain a scholarship through the NoMad fund.  


The NoMad Scholarship was established to help IDENTIFY Mission Team Members embrace the desires of their hearts. It is funded and administered by an independent group of givers, who love the work of Identify and want to help others get involved in global mission outreach. Currently, scholarships are granted to adults participating in their first Guatemalan Mission Experience and full-time students wishing to integrate service into their daily life. Each scholarship recipient is chosen based on a blind assessment of the NoMad givers and is in no way influenced or decided by Identify Staff or Teams.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please click below and you will be directed to the NoMad site.

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