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Although 2020 threw us all into restructuring and reevaluating, Identify is still completely committed to certain outreach efforts, especially ones that are so valuable during these times of world crises.


Our feeding and nutrition assistance programs, especially while food and finances are so scarce in Guatemala, are very important to us and those we serve.  Being one of the main needs in vulnerable communities on any given day, it is also one of the methods that is giving us access to people in this current lock-down.  While food is being delivered to the front door of a family's home, we are able to assess other necessities, such as physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.  


In addition, our benevolence aid has skyrocketed in the past 3 months due to the pandemic, effecting the already vulnerable families in our communities.  We have given much financial support to help cover cost for emergency medical care, rent, utilities, and even funerals.  We expect that these requests will continue coming while the country waits for reopening and then economic repair.

Daily there are needs and we want to say yes as often as we can.


*As of mid-July, we desperately need to raise $1000 for 3 of our feeding programs.*


We then hope to raise another $1500 by September 1st,

$2500 in November, and $2500 again in December of 2020.

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