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always more than a mission trip

i​den·ti·fy verb \ī-ˈden-tə-ˌfī, ə-\:


to determine the nature of someone or something

Merriam-Webster categorizes the word "identify" as a word of action and occurrence; a verb.  In simple terms, one might say "to identify" is to recognize and choose who or what one will be.


Identify, a non-profit 501c3 mission organization, is here to help you do just that.  Our dream is to give you a global Mission Experience that will allow you to take action, to use this moment, to identify who you truly are and how you can make a lasting impact with the life you have been given.  Through acts of mission service in developing countries, we work with you and those in the foreign field to change the lives of children, families, communities, and ultimately the team member too. 


Take action.  Join us.  Identify who you are today!


We develop people, teams, and communities. It's that simple!  Through a Mission Experience, our hope is that both those serving and those being served will grow in new and meaningful ways. 

Whether you are looking for a Short-Term Mission Experience, a Long-Term partnership with a foreign community, or a way to volunteer, we are here to help you make it happen! 

Your generosity makes all the difference.  Mission Experiences, community goals, and scholarships are only possible through generous acts of giving.  We invite you to be a part of this very special work.  



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