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i​den·ti·fy verb \ī-ˈden-tə-ˌfī, ə-\:


to find out, know, say, or show 

who someone or what something is

Merriam-Webster categorizes the word " identify" as a word of action and occurrence; a verb.  In simple terms, one might say "to identify" is to make a choice to cause action that will determine what or who we will be.


Identify, a non-profit mission organization, is here to help you do just that.  Our dream is to give you opportunity and experience that will allow you to take action, to use this moment, to identify who you truly are and how you can make lifelong impact with the life you have been given.  Take action, identify who you are today!


Our ultimate goal is to use our lives to help others; those near us and those far away. We believe our story is a special one, just like yours.   


We specialize in mission trips intentionally designed to build community connections and individual relationships that will contribute to     life-long change, in you and in those you serve. 

Your generosity makes all the difference.

Contribute to the most worthy cause, life change.

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