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A Child-Like Faith

This summer, I was blessed to go down to Guatemala City, Guatemala on a Vacation Bible School themed Mission Experience with Identify. It was an absolutely amazing experience because I learned that only God knows what is going to happen and I know I need to live according to His plan. After seeing the way these children, who had absolutely nothing, react to a herd of Americans they didn’t know at all with an outstanding amount of love. Although they had never heard our stories, seen our faces, or said our names, these beautiful children had faith in us. They knew we were coming to share the love of God with them, and that was all they needed. As I stood among the most beautiful people I have ever met, I saw the faith in their eyes for the Lord that can only be described as “child-like.” They knew not when they might eat next, how they would make their payments, or how they could pay to care for th

eir children, but they had smiles on their faces and their hearts toward God. One of the main points I took away from this trip was to have a ‘child-like” faith. I may not know all the answers. I may not know what to do next. My problems are much smaller in comparison to those I saw, however they are equal in God's eyes and He knows the answers for all of us. With a little trust, anything is possible and we don’t need all the answers. Whenever I begin to doubt or wonder, I think back to the beautiful children singing a welcome in their language while we stood in awe at the wonder of our God’s creatures. A child-like faith. My human mind can only know so much and the splendor and love of my God can and will always be the only answer I need.

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