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More Than the First

VBS in Guatemala City

This trip was much different than the first. The first trip was mostly taking it all in and the difference of this trip was that I knew what to expect, so it was purely an emotional trip this year. That's what I took away from this trip the most, the emotions I felt during the trip.

I went through various emotions throughout the entire week: fear, excitement, love, sadness, joy and hope. The emotions that I have felt have pushed me to change my life here in the United States. The joy the children gave me pushed me to change the direction of my career. I am still going towards nursing, but I am going to be focusing on becoming at pediatric nurse, so I can work with children.

I've found myself focusing more on others. The experience of helping others during the trip gave me an immense amount of happiness, so I've decided to do more community work now that I'm back.

The experience has changed me, more than the first trip, and I'm happy for that. I thank God for letting me experience the trip on a whole new level. I also thank God for letting me experience it with our amazing team. Each one of them had an impact on me.

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