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As Though We Were In Heaven

Quiche, Guatemala ~

God, the wonder of Your beauty never ceases to amaze me. I flew into Guatemala on Sunday and was assigned to an incredible experience the next morning. I had no idea what lay before me; but You already planned each moment - with Your presence standing there as I walked into it.

By Your sovereignty, our medical team arrived to the far away town of Quiche safely. The drive was around 10+ hours, the drivers were focused and patient, the roads were continuously bumpy and filled with potholes, the mountains were breath taking, and the eye-level clouds made us feel as though we were in Heaven.

By Your grace, we were able to rest a few hours Monday evening with food in our bellies and a roof over our heads. Although we slept in a hay-covered barn - with only an outhouse to relieve ourselves, You poured thankfulness into each of our hearts. This is something ONLY You can do.

By Your mighty plan, we woke on Tuesday morning ready to set up a clinic to serve the community in Quiche. We started with patient #1, and as the hours slipped by we welcomed patient #300+. Through 3 way translations, You blessed the people with the much needed medications and medical attention they needed. As for the team and I - we were tremendously blessed by Your guidance and what You laid on our hearts.

My mind is small, and I may not understand all of Your ways; but I am so thankful to be a part of this story You have written. It is SO good to be where You lead.

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