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Group to Group Partnerships


Identify strives to be a different kind of mission organization, by helping to connect groups here with communities there.  Whether you are a church, local school, nursing program, church small group, or family, we want to help you connect long term.  Through time spent in impoverished areas, we seek out leaders of churches or communities who have a vision for change and could benefit from a committed partner.  We then get the two groups together and help develop a plan for enrichment that both can be a part of based on their strengths and skills.  



Compassion International Sponsorships


As an organization, one of our main desires is to help individuls form one-on-one relationships with children in need.  We believe the deeper the relationship, the greater chance there is for life-long change.  


After every mission experience, individuals are given the opportunity to sponsor children in the community where they served or elsewhere in the world through Compassion International.  A child sponsorship allows the sponsor to provide monthy financial support which in turn builds into an individual child spiritually, economically, socially, and physically.  After school programs, medical care, family support, and so much more becomes a reality with a sponsorship. We have seen literally thousands of lives benefit from a partnership through Compassion International.

Individual Educational Scholarships


When you participate in a mission experience with Identify, part of the donations you raise are being used to build a scholarship program for teenagers and young adults who show interest in growing through a college experience.  


Through our work, we identify children who have great potential, but few resources. We give them opportunity to explore their interest and dreams with first hand experiences and then assist them through scholarships for college, especially in the fields of education and medicine.  

identify the mission - PARTNERSHIPS

Although a week of service can be amazing, the greatest mission success is found when groups build relationships with those living in impoverished communities and develop change through consistent action.  Our heart is to identify U.S. and foreign groups interested in joining together on a long-term, community driven vision and to help them create a course of action that is positive year after year.  Together both can ensure the powerful message of hope will become louder than that of poverty.  Let us help you begin a partnership with a special community today. 


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