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After almost a year of behind-the-scenes work and discussion, we are excited to announce that Compassion International has entrusted us with new territory in Ecuador.  Today, individuals and groups can begin sponsoring children in select centers of Guayaquil and Machala, Ecuador.  


This is the first strategic step in building new partnerships with those already serving daily on the ground of these areas. Next, we will begin introducing Teams and sponsors to a new community in need in Ecuador.    

We are looking for those with a heart and desire to encourage the impoverished of Ecuador.  Please click here to read more and share these beginning moments of the future with us!


Great leaders bring about powerful change.  With a new Team Leader Development & Certification Program, Identify is helping to put these leaders in a position of influence in the global world.  


Once we fall in love with mission service, it is not uncommon to want to go to the next level.  For many, this can be a deeper commitment to the ongoing work of missions, without necessarily moving to the foreign field. An opportunity to be trained as a Team Leader is a fantastic way to move forward with the passion that God has already stirred in your heart.  


Identify is interested in further developing those who want to lead and lead well.  Please click here to explore this opportunity and join us in further conversation about this great new development program.  



A Mission Experience is no easy decision.  It is not a bucket-list item or a college resume enhancer.  It is an opportunity to build into others, to grow as individuals, and to reshape the world.  Something that big and powerful requires thought and planning. 


Although modern technologies, the internet, and airports provide a convenient and fast route to get out there and do something, any lasting change requires a little more than that.  Because of our love for the world and our Team Members, we spend time developing our minds and hearts for impact.


Identify is always preparing the next Mission Experiences.  Begin considering today how you might take part in your greatest Experience ever! Watch for new releases through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email.

Making connections and building relationships between individuals here and impoverished children there is a powerful part of Identify's work.  


We have seen over 450 children sponsored through our efforts and we know that each number represents an actual life.  With every new sponsorship, a child is bought into a brand new circle of friends who provide powerful love and encouragement.  With Identify, this can even be a face-to-face relationship.  


In an effort to reach more people and change more lives, we are now offering a new webpage that allows you quick and easy access to children living in several areas where Identify works.  We encourage you to check this out and share it with friends.  


Please click here to read more about Identify child sponsorships.  

We are excited to introduce

*NEW* opportunities for IDENTIFY and YOU!


As the organization grows, we are given many new opportunities and responsibilities in the global world.  Check out each of these areas and consider the place you might make a new and powerful impact.