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Want to be a part of making a college dream for an impoverished teen come true? Our trip members already give, but you can make a personal difference too! Click below for more scholarship info and to help provide a degree in Education or Medicine. 


Through our work, we identify children who have great potential, but few resources. We give them opportunity to explore their interest and dreams during first hand experiences and then assist them through scholarships for college, especially in the fields of education and medicine.


Part of the funds raised through each participant's Mission Experience with Identify is used to build a scholarship program for teenagers and young adults who show interest in growing through a college experience.  But giving isn't just for those experiencing a trip.  Private and corporate donors can give as well.  Generous support and a heart to give the gift of higher education to an impoverished child can change not just one life, but the lives of generations to come.  Give today.