Mission Specific Outreach

2019 holds many special mission opportunities for us!

In addition to our everyday mission efforts, these unique outreach projects are doable with generous donors like you!


Staff in Guatemala

$5000 per year


Staff in United States

$5000 per year

Benevolence & Extreme

Emergency Care

$6000 per year

Biblical Resources for Spiritually Impoverished  

$600 per year

Carnival for 200 children in Zone 3 landfill area

$1500 per project

Identify Bible Study & Youth Retreats

$1500 per year

Children's Feeding Center

100 children at Elim 

$2000 per year

College & Transitional Scholarships for 3 youth

$6000 per school year

Educational Scholarships

44 children in SJP

$6685 per school year

Extreme Home 

Makeover for Orphans

$9000 for project

Field Trip for 30 children in Nueva Esperanza

$900 for project

Field Trip for 50 children in San Jose Pinula

$900 per project

Field Trip for 120 at-risk youth of Zone 3 GC

$1700 for project

Food Bags for

100 Families In Need

$1200 per year

Identify Children's

Karate Team & Coach

$4000 per year

Jungle Outreach Initiatives

$500 for each intro project

Leadership Development

for Guatemalans

$2000 per year

Leadership Development

for North Americans

$3000 per year

Medical Education

& Supplies

$7000 per year

New Identify Team

Home Furnishings

$20,000 for project

Private Therapist for struggling individuals

$2000 per year

Private Tutor for 4 struggling children

$2000 for 40 weeks

Special Needs Education and Projects

$1000 per year

Small Business Tortilla Stove Equipment

$700 for project

Small Business Make-Up

Certification & Equipment

$1000 for project

Technology Development

& Resources for Teens

$3500 per year

Theraputic Horse Retreat

for Orphans & Widows

$1500 for project

Teen Center Room

at Cristo es el Camino

$7000  for project

Ultrasound Machines & Training for Clinic in

Zone 3 & La Limonada

$20,000 for project

​​Call us:

404-590-4908 USA

502-4680-4533 GUA

​​Mail us:

PO Box 3983

Suwanee, GA 30024