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Identify provides opportunities for those with a specific skill or passion to encourage in impoverished  communities through training, development, and interaction. Together, we are able to nurture change where it is most likely to take root - in the classroom and in the heart!  




Sometimes we forget that the rest of the world does not necessarily look like our world. Teachers working in impoverished areas of the world are often limited by financial resources, proper space, outdated equipment, parent support, and many other confinements.  However, that doesn't mean these same teachers don't dream of making a difference in the lives of their students. 

Use this opportunity to encourage an educator in challenging circumstances.  Through your generous words and side-by-side support, you can help to re-energize and re-ignite the dreams of these special teachers who are standing strong against the oppressive forces of ignorance and in turn, make a huge difference in the life of a student.  



We often take for granted the educational skills that we have been taught during our undergraduate, graduate, and even certification training.  


Identify is able to connect you with schools, communities, and churches who are looking for educators willing to share classroom techniques, teaching styles, and methods for student engagement.  Teachers in the foreign fields are excited to share the vision for their classrooms and learn the newest techniques and skills from you.  You might even be suprised with how much they have to teach you!



Ask yourself, what is my greatest strength as an educator?  What is it that I love to do? Where do I see the most success when I interact with my students.  Answer those questions, then use those amazing gifts to educate on the foreign mission field.  


Schools in economically challenged areas are always looking for teachers who are interested in giving their time to help these beautiful children grow and learn.  Perhaps it is teaching English, Computer Science, Music, Drama, or even a Sports Camp.  The mission experience through Identify allows you to plug in with your strengths and give back in the best ways you know how.  

identify the mission - EDUCATION


  • Educator/Leader Workshops

  • Classroom/Student Assistance

  • Teaching in Area of Expertise 

  • Camps - Art, Sports, Drama, Culinary, Leadership, Etc.

  • Resource Sharing

  • Others Designed by Need